Shop Tales – next chapter

So as usual the first place we go for any design is Sketchup and I sent the possibilities  to an expert who build a much bigger and complex shop (Woodchuck) – here is what we thought I should do – First I had to convince my wife that she no longer needed a freezer, cold storage room and place for winter cloths. 1 year later I found alternative places for that stuff… Whew… Then we repositioned the tools so they are more logical and most importantly so I can easily cut a 4 x 8 sheet on the table-saw. The area to to the right is what I started with in the last post photo  and the area to the left is the space I added.  So the first thing I decided after building the walls was to clean up the floor . I painted it (“Russian interrogation”) grey – With apologies  to Mr. Schwarz but I don’t have wood right now. That was a major deal – moving stuff, (way too much stuff ) and painting and moving again – and so on. Then as I started to position the tools I could see it was going to work much more effectively and I was no longer crashing into things. Each time I go into the shop I try to get a bit more done and I am close to complete. I could go another few iterations to get it perfect but the important thing is I can now start building again. I did take the opportunity to tune up the table-saw and with the extension recommendation I decided to try a different approach. Pics of the shop now are next then the saw extension idea…


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