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The Shop – After

October 1, 2011

Here is the support extended

Drilling and lathe























Despite being much more organized and the extra space that is not significant but just enough to make all the difference in the world there is still a major break-in stage. As I work I am discovering the places to put tools and I am trying to put them within easy reach.  This makes for a much more convenient and enjoyable environment and I am not spending valuable shop time looking for tools when I should be making Dovetails or pens, or boxes…


Shop Tales – next chapter

September 25, 2011

So as usual the first place we go for any design is Sketchup and I sent the possibilities  to an expert who build a much bigger and complex shop (Woodchuck) – here is what we thought I should do – First I had to convince my wife that she no longer needed a freezer, cold storage room and place for winter cloths. 1 year later I found alternative places for that stuff… Whew… Then we repositioned the tools so they are more logical and most importantly so I can easily cut a 4 x 8 sheet on the table-saw. The area to to the right is what I started with in the last post photo  and the area to the left is the space I added.  So the first thing I decided after building the walls was to clean up the floor . I painted it (“Russian interrogation”) grey – With apologies  to Mr. Schwarz but I don’t have wood right now. That was a major deal – moving stuff, (way too much stuff ) and painting and moving again – and so on. Then as I started to position the tools I could see it was going to work much more effectively and I was no longer crashing into things. Each time I go into the shop I try to get a bit more done and I am close to complete. I could go another few iterations to get it perfect but the important thing is I can now start building again. I did take the opportunity to tune up the table-saw and with the extension recommendation I decided to try a different approach. Pics of the shop now are next then the saw extension idea…


Post # 1 for our Blog!

September 24, 2011

Hi Folks!

This is a blog for the Orangeville and area Woodworkers. Many of us have been taking and learning woodworking for years and we decided it was a good time to start sharing ideas.

The old shop and ony 15 x 12

I’ve just completed – my shop… well maybe not completely… I took allot of advise and find the result is working better. Tweeks are now needed to make it really easy to work with.

The old shop was very cramped and bunched up. I threw our loads of scraps that I cannot explain why I felt the need to keep… Everything was workable but if was like I was bumping into everything whenever I was trying to work.

Next post I will show you what I did to update and make the shop more workable.